Since picking up his first camera at the age of 12, Tom Carey has been passionately pursuing his

lifelong dream of shooting the best surfers, in the best waves, around the world. Nineteen years

later he’s still doing what he enjoys and his photos are a testament to that love.


“It’s rad working with Tom.  He always nails the shot, and we have a good time doing it.

It’s cool to to be able have such a good working relationship with a good friend too!”

-Dusty Payne, World Tour surfer and top freesurfer


“Tom’s work ethic is second to none. I have been on trips with Tom where the waves are horrible

and we still walk away with A+ photos. You can always count on having a good time with Tom

while getting work done!”

-Parker Coffin, 2011 NSSA Open Junior and Surfing America Champion


When you need the best surfers shot in the best conditions, Tom Carey is the man for the job.

His relationships with the best guys, his work ethic, his eye for capturing the best sequences

and photos make him one of the elite surf photographers in the industry today.”

-Peter Taras, photo editor, Surfing Magazine


“I love shooting with Tom. He is super patient, understanding, and is always finding new, natural

tweaks to make each shot shine.”

-Coco Ho, #6 rated female surfer in the world



When not roaming the globe, Tom resides in Costa Mesa, CA with his lovely fiancée K.C. The

31-year-old Seal Beach native is currently a staff photographer for Volcom Inc. and Surfing

Magazine. In 2010 he ranked 1st on the Transworld Business Exposure Meter.